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Turn your passion into a blogging business!

Blogger Course

I often get messages from my readers asking me how to get their start in blogging. They’re often thrilled about the idea of working for themselves and pursuing their passions, but don’t know how to make their blogging dream a reality.

From the outside looking in, taking the plunge into a career in blogging can be scary, and making a sustainable income from it may seem difficult or impossible. There are so many pieces of the puzzle to consider such as building a website, creating intriguing content, growing an audience and making enough money to support your life. There are endless strategies and ways to approach blogging that it can be hard to decide which path to take. My recommendation would be to take the steps to creating an income as soon as possible, so you can alleviate all of the fear and uncertainty quickly.

Lucky for you, I’ve already started my blogging business from nothing, taking the plunge into blogging full-time after only a year from conception. Through trial and error and lots of hard work, I’ve learned the best strategies and techniques to turn passions and interests into sustainable blogging businesses.

Becoming a Blogger Course

Blogger Course

I’ve learned a lot while turning my luxury travel, food and lifestyle blog from a hobby into a successful business 3 years ago. I’ve compiled all of my most useful tips, strategies and techniques into a course so you can reach success in blogging quickly, without wasting time or getting discouraged by common pitfalls.

PIERREBLAKE: Becoming a Blogger Course TeacherBlogger Course

Hi, my name is Pierre and I’m a luxury travel, food and lifestyle blogger. As you know from following me on social media and my website, I’ve had a great deal of success blogging. Since I started my blog 3 years ago I’ve been able to visit dozens of countries, live most of my years in luxury hotels, eat the finest food at 3 Michelin star restaurants, enjoy incredible adventures in exotic countries, go on luxury cruises, take business class flights and gain a deep understanding of a wide-range of cultures, all while generating an income to support my lifestyle and build my savings!

From day one, I knew that I needed to approach blogging like a business if I wanted to turn it into a successful career. Constantly, I tested new methods to grow and improve, finding out which strategies worked best and which didn’t. Along the way, I’ve taught those around me how they can succeed as well. Observing my own success and the success of my students, I soon realized I was on to something and decided to build an in-depth course for the public.

Course Syllabus

  1. Formulating your idea
  2. Blog conception
  3. Creating content that sells
  4. Online marketing strategies
  5. Social media marketing
  6. Generating income

The Becoming a Blogger course is broken down into 6 chapters that outline the most important information to getting you up and thriving with your blogging business. The course isn’t long in length, but packed with the most useful information needed, so you can succeed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

When you’re on your own, starting is the hardest part, but if you have the course to guide you through the process, it all becomes much easier. Whether you’re just considering blogging or already have created your blog, the Becoming a Blogger course will take you the rest of the way to making sure you’re able to produce a solid income from pursuing blogging full-time.

Course Sample

The Truth

Blogger Course

I definitely haven’t created the first blogging course on the market, there are already loads out there. They all have long sales pages, trying to convince you to buy their’s, pitching you on this and that. I’m confident in the value that my course offers, and feel I don’t need to be pushy because you can easily see the real-world results right here on my website. If you haven’t, take a look through my articles, you can see how my strategies have actually payed off. For example, the first year I blogged full-time I was able to travel to 25 countries, staying in only the finest of hotels and eating the most delicious food. The expenses for the first year alone easily went over $100,000 USD! Even if you achieve a fraction of the success I’ve had, the cost of the course will pay for itself many times over.

WARNING: This is not a bargain blogging course, and I’m not here to compete on price. With that being said, the strategies that I teach in this course have allowed me to live like a millionaire, learn tons about culture and history, stay at over 165 luxury hotels averaging over $1,000 USD per stay, earn tens of thousands of dollars in sponsorship deals, take business class flights and luxury cruises all while traveling to tons of exotic destinations. This course provides you with the exact methods I’ve used to achieve blogging success in a very short time.

If you follow the Becoming a Blogger course from beginning to end, I’m confident that you too can achieve blogging success, no matter what topic you pursue. All of the methods discussed apply to all types of blogging, and to many other business ventures as well.

Begin your life of freedom and adventure with your blogging business now!

Blogger Course

Blogger Course

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