5 Reasons to Visit the Bahamas

10 Jun 2022

As if you need a reason to visit the Bahamas, isn’t it a paradise on earth? Even so, it’s sensible to have a few activities and excursions in mind before you land, so you don’t waste any time researching things when you’re there. Here are 5 reasons you don’t need to visit the Bahamas 

Dolphin’s Cove

Dolphin’s Cove, otherwise known as Blue Lagoon Island, is a unique location in the Bahamas. In the past, this area was frequented by buccaneer pirates carrying their loot onto the shore or smuggling it away; and during the Second World War, it was used to train scuba divers.

If that’s not interesting enough, there is still plenty to capture your imagination when you take a trip to Blue Lagoon Island and enjoy long nature walks and exquisite white beaches. Of course, you can still learn to scuba dive in the Cove, and you have a chance to swim with dolphins.    

A Yacht Trip

When people think of the Bahamas, they think of blue waters, yellow sands, and Caribbean rum. Although the Bahamas has much more to offer besides these obvious draws, it makes sense to make the most of the star attraction as well. That’s why it’s such a top idea to take a yacht trip. 


As you might imagine, there is no shortage of yachts in the Bahamas, which can give you a bit of a headache when you are trying to choose one. Visit Boat Rentals Bahamas for the best yachts at the best rates, and don’t take any chances when it comes to your Bahamas vacation.

Nature Hikes 

Of course, the Bahamas is all about sun, sea, and sand, but the truth is there is much more to this special vacation. If you are the earthy type and enjoy nature walks and wildlife, you can also get your fill at the Lucaya National Park, which is located not too far from the town of Freeport. 

As you might imagine, the National Park is a protected area, so it’s your chance to take some high boardwalks through forest areas and see some of the island’s rare bird species. This park also has some of the best caves on the planet to explore, so find a guide and go subterranean. 

Special Beaches 

If you love beaches, you’re in the right place, the Bahamas has some of the more spectacular beaches in the world, and not all of them have the classic white sands. Some beaches, such as Pink Sands Beach, have a different hue; it is located in East Harbour, not too far from Nassau. 

Pink Sands beach not only has a unique color and vibrancy that should be enough to win your interest, but the location is also secluded and, therefore, very peaceful; so if you want a break from the hustle and bustle of urban life, leave it all behind and make your way to Pink Sands. 

Nassau Nightlife 

When you arrive in the Bahamas, chances are you arrive in Nassau; this is where the largest airport is, and it also has the liveliest nightlife. If you love bars, cafes, casinos, and people, then Nassau is definitely the place to stay, but don’t forget to head off and explore more of the island.