Chassis For Men Review: How to Stay Fresh While Traveling

11 Dec 2018

*Disclosure: this post is sponsored by Chassis.

You’ve just arrived at your destination and you’re filled with excitement while you step off the plane and take in your new surroundings. After spending a day or more traveling, you’re relieved to arrive. After the initial euphoria wears off, you realize something major, you stink horribly.

Serious travelers know what I’m talking about. It’s the slimy feeling of greasy hair, rancid breath and a deep musky stench coming from all your crevices after a long day of travel. Pit stains leave yellow rings on your shirt, and at this point, you probably want to burn your underwear. God forbid you have to lift your arms to hug a loved one.

This type of story has happened to me countless times over the years of serious traveling and living abroad. Over time, I’ve picked up a few tricks that have helped make huge improvements in my freshness while I travel. Certainly, planning my showers as close to departure as possible, popping into airport restrooms to freshen up, and brushing my teeth along the way have helped immensely but sometimes, no matter how hard I try, I still wasn’t 100% fresh when I landed.

Chassis For Men Review: How to Stay Fresh While Traveling Blog Lifestyle

Recently, I was introduced to Chassis Premium Products which seemed like a great way to tackle my freshness problems. I tried out Chassis’s Restoration Cream, 5-in-1 Shower Primer, and Premium Body Powder, which all serve a slightly different purpose, but with the main goal of keeping you smelling and feeling fresh. After reading reviews on Amazon, it seemed that it’s best to use all three products to avoid pitfalls of using just one.

Chassis For Men Review: How to Stay Fresh While Traveling Blog Lifestyle

The process started with using the specially formulated Chassis Shower Primer to neutralize odor, keeping you as fresh as possible from the start. I’ve had problems in the past with body washes that didn’t truly get rid of the initial body odor, so was happy to find one that did. Then you can apply the Chassis Premium Body Powder to areas that are prone to creating moisture, to keep you dryer longer. The powder features a Hydro-Shield technology so sweat and moisture bounce right off you. Finally, apply the Restoration Cream to keep your skin hydrated. Chassis products are talc free and infused with a power extract blend to keep you fresh without interfering with your other fragrances.

The key with everything in life is moderation. I used a little bit of these here and there to assist with my freshness. Obviously, it can be expected that if you go too crazy with soap or drying powder you will irritate your skin so make sure you balance your regimen.

Chassis For Men Review: How to Stay Fresh While Traveling Blog Lifestyle

The Chassis Holiday Gift Set features their top three products and a bonus toiletry bag, which can be purchased for a special price here. All in all, I was satisfied with the results of these Chassis products at home and I can’t wait to try these out on my next long-haul trip! If you’re looking for a great way to keep yourself fresh and smelling great while traveling, try out the entire Chassis product lineup!