How To Eat A Healthy Breakfast When Traveling

05 Jul 2020

Looking after your health can be tough if you travel a lot, especially when you are enjoying all of the culinary delights that the world has to offer. However, it is possible to indulge and stay healthy at the same time. 

My article on staying fit and healthy while eating whatever you like can help you with your general weight management. But you should also think in more detail about what you are eating while traveling, and not just so you can manage your weight but to maintain your overall health. 

Getting a lot of nutrients into your morning meal will set you up for the day and give you the energy you need while traveling. A healthy breakfast can also offset some of the less healthy choices you make when indulging out at restaurants. The problem is, when you are traveling it can be difficult to make sensible choices about breakfast, or any food for that matter. Convenience tends to get prioritized instead of health.

This guide will help you eat a healthy breakfast whether you are eating at the hotel, a cafe, or on the go. 

Healthy Choices At Breakfast Buffets

Breakfast buffets at hotels are amazing because you get so much choice. If you’re staying in a nice hotel with accomplished chefs, you’ll probably want to try everything, but you need to be careful about what you choose. 

Try to avoid things like muffins and pastries because they are packed full of processed carbs and sugar without much nutritional value at all. It’s essentially like eating a dessert for breakfast, so if you are trying to make healthier choices, steer clear of that kind of thing and focused on less processed options!

When making up a plate, think about the balance between different food groups. A healthy meal needs some protein, some carbs, and some fresh fruit. Wholemeal carb options are much better for you, so look for brown toast instead of white, for example. Eggs are a good healthy protein choice and there is usually a lot of fresh fruit available too when at hotel breakfasts. Alternatively, something like oatmeal with fresh fruit and yogurt is a good healthy balanced breakfast as well. Before you start piling up your plate at the buffet, look at all of the options and think carefully about your choices. 

Healthy Breakfasts At Cafes 

You might decide to head out to a local cafe for breakfast, but there are generally a lot of unhealthy choices that may tempt you as well, so be careful. If you go to a traditional cafe that has a limited menu, you’ll be stuck with pastries or fried breakfast items. The good news is, healthy eating is very popular right now and there are plenty of great health food options open around the globe. In most cities, you should be able to find some healthy cafes where you will get a lot of different options. Search these places out if you want to make better choices. 

Changing your coffee order can make a big difference too. Any kind of flavored coffee is likely to be made with a sugary syrup, so avoid those. Lots of milk will add to the calorie content too, so go for a dash of milk or drink it black. Visit for a list of the healthiest coffee orders. 

Healthy Breakfast On The Go

When you have a jam packed day planned, you might decide to just grab breakfast on the go. This is often when people make the unhealthiest choices without even realizing it. A lot of ready-made foods are are highly processed and packed full of sugar. The key to eating healthy on the go is bringing your own unprocessed food with you where possible. Juicing is perfect for traveling because, if you use a good quality juicer (find some at you can make up a batch and bring it with you. It’s packed with everything you need for a healthy breakfast and you can drink it as you go, so you don’t need to waste any time. Most hotels will come with a small fridge and if you’re staying in an apartment, storing your food shouldn’t be a problem!

Breakfast bars are another great option, but most of the shop-bought ones are not as healthy as you might think. However, if you are staying in an apartment, you can easily make your own before you head off on your trip. Pack some simple snacks like nuts and dried fruit too. Even though you are traveling and you might not want to spend your time preparing food, making a few simple items makes it much easier to grab a healthy breakfast when you are on the go!

Eating a healthy breakfast is so important, even when you are exploring the world, so keep these tips in mind 🙂