How to Utilize Luxury Hamper Baskets

02 Jul 2020

When people travel, those they leave behind tend to greatly appreciate receiving souvenirs when they reunite. A little gift can go a long way and show someone that they really care. There are a ton of ways to achieve this. Most of the time a thoughtful gift can go farther than an expensive gift. One of the ways that I’ve found to work well to achieve this is with a gift hamper. A gift hamper can be particularly thoughtful because it is easy to customize to the individual that will receive it. These hampers can be a great way to help ease the loneliness of others, especially during times of stress such as a global COVID pandemic.

What To Put In A Luxury Hamper

To get your gift hamper together you need to put some thought into it. It’s really important to consider the person that you will be gifting the hamper to so they will be satisfied with the contents. Something about packaging up several items into a lovely hamper makes the present feel a lot more unique and heart warming. It’s important to consider the  following:

  • Packaging: Try to make sure the packing gives the gift hamper a personal touch. This could be styled after the local area, your business theme, or to celebrate the season. Feel free to go beyond my recommendations to make it unique for your specific situation.
  • Items: Another very important feature is what will go inside the hamper. Obviously, specialty products would be a better idea than generic things that someone could get anywhere. This is why artisan products tend to be best and can be dedicated to the occasion, region, or season when the gift is given. For example, for the winter season, and for someone who likes to spend time at home, you could have a food theme that includes items such as this awesome blueberry muffin recipe, luxury tea, coffee, as well as local jams. 
  • Recipient: A gift hamper can be great for both personal and business. If you are gifting your hamper to VIP clients then you can customize the gifts accordingly. I’ve found that adding luxury sweets, chocolates,  and wine are always welcomed. Manila hotels delivers these types of packages to their clientele and everyone seems happy!
  • Reusability: Even if the contents are edible and get used up, the hamper itself can be used again and again. The container should have a sense of reusability that guests can keep with them forever and continue to make use of them. The multipurpose containers can be used at home or on the go. For example, using it as a plant holder, desk organizer, bathroom storage, or even a bed for their cat can insure years of use!

BONUS: Create a Luxury Hamper Business

Luxury hampers don’t have to just be for personal use. They could also be used for generating an income stream. There are a variety of options but this article is just to get the brainstorm started. It can do wonders for your business if done right!