Selling Cigars To Skeptics

27 Jul 2020

When you think of cigars, you may think of very rich, posh men in housecoats looking out of their floor to ceiling windows, observing their land… Would it shock you to know that cigars are more popular than you think? Cigars have changed dramatically over time, adding a multitude of flavors and scents to the many available options. The price of cigars has also changed depending on the quality, sites such as Cheap Little Cigars are able to support you when choosing the right cigar for you. Still not convinced, maybe these facts will help you make a decision…

Fact File

  1. Cuban cigar makers can roll up to 200 cigars a day. In the early days of cigar making readers were employed to read to the cigar makers to make their workday better. The tradition still has a place today, although instead of stories, the readers focus on news articles and popular fiction books. The best cigars are said to still be rolled by hand. 
  2. Cigar and rum pairings are very popular throughout Cuba. Being the home of Rum and cigars, what more could tourists want than to experience them both at the same time. These trips pair different tasting cigars with different aromas with Rums that complement the flavors exactly. If you are ever in Cuba, this should be a must-do! Selling Cigars To Skeptics Information
  3. The name Cigar derives from the Mayan, Sikar, which literally means “to smoke rolled tobacco leaves”. Then, later in the 18th century turned into the word cigar. In Spanish cigar is translated to ‘Cigarro’.
  4. Men are more likely to smoke traditional cigars than women, who are more likely to smoke flavored cigars. However, many people tend to smoke cigars on a less than a daily occurrence. Many people see cigars as a luxury item and treat them as such. 
  5. In the 1800s it was more common to see people smoking cigars than cigarettes.
  6. It is said that by the time a cigar arrives for you to smoke, that over 200 pairs of hands have touched the cigar. This is because the steps to make a cigar are so intricate that many people play a part in its production. Cigars are created from the tobacco seed and then transferred to fields when they are big enough. All of the tobacco plants are cared for and looked after in optimum conditions to grow the best leaves for use. 
  7. Cigars are aged twice. Ageing in the cigar-making process is said to make the cigars smoother to smoke. The tobacco is aged before the cigar is wrapped to bring multiple flavors into the leaves. The cigars are once again aged after the rolling process to further develop the flavors in the leaves. Once aged twice, they are then packed and sent out ready for consumption. Selling Cigars To Skeptics Information
  8. Cigars have different strengths. This may seem like a basic fact, but it is important to consult a cigar specialist when buying cigars to know what best suits your taste. Cigars have many makeups in regards to strength and flavor. You may have a strong taste but a mild cigar or a very mind taste and a strong cigar. It is important to make sure you have in mind what you may like when looking to buy your cigars.