Travel Items Every Man Needs In His Suitcase

02 Jul 2020

If you’re the sort of person who loves to travel the world regularly, then you’ll know that having the right items in your suitcase is essential. When you’ve got the right kit, the whole experience becomes so much more enjoyable!

Therefore, let’s take a look at some of the travel items that every man needs in his suitcase.

Quick Moisturizer For Men

Travelling around the world 24/7 is a lot of fun, but it can also leave your skin looking a little tired and dehydrated. All those flights do add up!

This is why it’s a good idea to stock up on moisturizer pens that allow you to apply soothing oils easily to your face. They’re usually the size of a regular chapstick, so they can easily fit in your hand luggage. 

Lint Roller

If you’re travelling for business, you might also want to invest in a lint roller. These clever devices simply roll over your clothes, removing all those annoying fluff balls that accumulate.


Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, you’ll also need some sort of product you can use to style your hair. Perhaps the best is organic pomade –  a kind of waxy substance that gives your style more volume. 

Universal Adaptor And Charger

Who knows where you might find yourself on your travels. For that reason, many people like to invest in universal adaptors. Many of these devices work in all of the world’s countries, plus they come with helpful USB ports which makes it easy to charge your phone on the go. 

Portable Power Bank

Modern life depends on handheld devices. And these, in turn, rely on their batteries. Unfortunately, battery technology leaves a lot to be desired, and so many smartphones begin to run flat in less than a day of regular use. 

It’s a good idea, therefore, to take a portable power pack with you. These are around the same size as a standard smartphone. But because they are essentially nothing but batteries, they can hold up to five times the charge. In other words, you have enough power to keep your phone topped up for up to a week, even if you don’t have access to mains electricity.


Travel Items Every Man Needs In His Suitcase Information

If you’re travelling to sunny countries, you’ll need a pair of shades to protect your eyes (and make yourself look cool at the same time.)

Those wanting to save even more space in their hand luggage can opt for specs that fold at the bridge and collapse into a space smaller than a pack of regular playing cards. 

Get A Good Book

Lastly, if you’re travelling a lot, you’re also going to be waiting around a lot. As such, you’ll need something to keep you entertained. And what better way than to have a good book by your side? It’s old-school, but also refreshingly low-tech!