3 Steps to Start a Money-Making Blog

05 Feb 2018

Over the past few years of blogging, traveling and eating full-time, I’ve received countless emails asking how to setup a blog and begin making money from it. From reading my other articles, you’ll know that the actual setup process is quite simple (this blog only took me 24 hours to build!) Like with many challenges in life, the hardest part is getting started. Once things are broken down into manageable steps, execution becomes easier. This is why I’ve put together this easy-to-follow guide, to help get you started blogging and making money quickly.

There’s no reason not to build a blog when it’s this easy!

1. Plan and Strategize Your Blog’s Direction

3 Steps to Start a Money-Making Blog Blog Lifestyle

The first step in the process, is choosing your blog’s topic. Consider something you’ll be able to talk about constantly, and won’t get sick of. When I started, I focused primarily on food with the name Pierre Ate It, I quickly discovered that I wanted to incorporate travel as well, and decided to change the name to PIERREBLAKE. Being too narrowly focused can restrict your future direction. Therefore, keep a focus but don’t pigeonhole yourself. Stick to your topic(s) to grow your niche audience which will be more valuable in the future than being too broad. This is why you should choose a name that will allow you a little flexibility on your content, and be attractive to your future audience.

Pro tip: Make sure that your blog’s domain name and social media IDs are available across all major channels (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.) This way it will be easier for people to find you and you’ll appear more professional.

2. Setup Your Blog and Income Streams

3 Steps to Start a Money-Making Blog Blog Lifestyle

If you didn’t know, the fees associated with owning a blog are actually very inexpensive. My favorite host is bluehost, they have plans starting at just a few dollars a month. Once on the bluehost website, click get started now then choose the plan that suits you best.

3 Steps to Start a Money-Making Blog Blog Lifestyle

After you click select on your plan, you’ll be able to register your domain name and proceed to checkout.

3 Steps to Start a Money-Making Blog Blog Lifestyle

Once you’ve paid, your account will be created, and you’ll be able to choose a website theme that fits your brand. This is very important! Keeping your brand’s image professional and consistent, across all channels, will help you stand out from the crowd.

Now, you can also take the time to setup your blog’s income streams. Some of the major ways to make money from blogging are through website advertisements and affiliate marketing. For these, I would recommend Google Adsense and Commission Junction.

For more in-depth, and higher-earning strategies, check out my Blogger Course now!

3. Post Content and Grow Your Income

3 Steps to Start a Money-Making Blog Blog Lifestyle

Once your website is setup, the most important factor in whether your blog will grow an audience and generate revenue or not, is how consistently you post content. This applies not only to your website, but also on social media. If you get lazy, and your posting frequency drops, your entire website following can unravel and thus your chances of making an income. Nobody will follow your blog if you don’t consistently post. Once you’re up and running, you’ll need to focus on consistently posting and engaging with your audience, across all platforms, driving them to view your content, keeping your viewers coming back for more!


3 Steps to Start a Money-Making Blog Blog Lifestyle

As you can see, setting up a blog can be very quick and easy, especially with bluehost. The whole process can be finished in only a few hours, including the setup of your new automated income streams. With the whole process being so simple and affordable, there really is no excuse not to get started today.

Note: I receive a small commission from readers who sign up to Bluehost through my links in this article which helps to power the website. That being said, all opinions expressed are my own and I would never mislead my readers for any financial gain.