Five Items To Add To Your List, Before You Kick The Bucket!

25 Sep 2019

Have you ever thought of adding a list of fun experiences to your bucket list?

You know, the kind of experiences that make you wonder if they are even possible. The ones that leave you in awe and wondering about what it might be like to actually complete them. These kinds of things can really only be achieved on your bucket list because they seem impossible, but just because an experience seems impossible doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

Here Are The Top Five Items To Add On The List

1. Go on a Cruise

Some people may think this is an item on a traveler’s bucket list, while others see it as a destination itself, but regardless of which side you fall on, going on a cruise is an experience unlike any other! 

You can enjoy different destinations throughout the trip or simply relax on Prime Luxury Rentals while sailing through some of the world’s most gorgeous bodies of water. 

Plus, cruises have special activities for kids and adults alike, so there really is something for everyone. So, if this sounds like a bucket list item you need to cross off, you can choose from the many different types of cruises available and try something new every time!

2. Climb a Mountain

It is always a joy climbing mountains because not only does it help with stamina, but the views from their peak make it all worth it! You will want to take breaks throughout your climb. This experience is not for everyone, but if you do decide to add it to your bucket list, make sure you take the proper precautions. Be aware of how high up you are, and remember that things can go from peaceful to deadly in a matter of minutes.

3. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Experience being up in the clouds with the birds. While this experience is usually short-lived due to how quickly it takes off and lands, but there is nothing like soaring through the skies on a beautiful day – just remember to bring some sunscreen! You can ride alone or even organize one for you and your friends. This makes for a great experience and memory that everyone will always cherish.

4. See Your Favorite Singer/Band in Concert

Another excellent bucket list item is seeing your favorite singer or band perform. Not only is this a fun memory, but you get to take pleasure in the fact that you can actually say you’ve seen them live! 

Make sure to buy tickets as soon as they go on sale and try to make sure you are there for the opening act as well – even if it’s your tenth time seeing your favorite band! Seeing a live performance has a way of making a person feel young again.

5. Experience the Northern Lights

This experience is amazing; there is nothing like seeing the lights dance across the sky while gazing into someone’s eyes. Seeing these lights requires some planning since they only appear during certain times of the year and, when they do appear, typically only for an hour or two. They are not something you can plan during your weekend trip; you need to spend at least five days in the area where they appear to be.