How Male Shrinking Violets Can Reinvigorate Their Style, Inside and Out!

06 Dec 2022

We all want to believe that we have some style that suits us, but it’s when we end up going to another culture that we feel like we stick out like a sore thumb. Whether you are starting to study abroad or you are going on holiday, the reality is that if you feel insecure in yourself, this naturally has an impact on the style choices you make. So let’s show you some things you can incorporate into your life to make you feel less insecure and start dressing like the person you want to be. 

Your Insecurities Do Not Define You

Most of us, upon finding there is something that we believe sticks out like a sore thumb, start to make massive concerted efforts to contain or disguise the problem. A very good example is those who experience baldness. There is a lot out there that we can use, from caffeinated shampoo to the Kiierr laser hair cap, and with anything that we use to hide our insecurities, it can mean that we end up overcompensating. Your insecurities do not define you, but they are also not on display for everyone to see. This means that rather than just focusing your efforts on containing those insecurities by overcompensation, you should instead think about the entire picture. 

Be Specific About How You Build Your Wardrobe

There’s a lot of information out there in terms of how you can build a great wardrobe, this guide here is a fantastic place to begin because it delves into the details of building a wardrobe beyond dressing nice. There’s a great selection of combinations so you can build that working wardrobe that helps complement your desires. 

Think About Your Posture

If you have insecurities galore, and you are going somewhere with the sole intention of being a whole new you, with style to match, it’s not just about the clothes you put on your frame, but the frame that you display. When we have an abundance of insecurities, we can think that dressing a certain way overcompensates, but much like having a hat to cover up baldness or not smiling in case people see our crooked tooth, the fact is how we present ourselves is more than just a fashion, but the posture and the framework we deliver. It’s such a simple thing, but taking time to alter your posture through yoga classes or the Alexander technique can give you that greater confidence in yourself. The TED talk by Amy Cuddy on posture is an amazing resource that can help you not just walk with a greater sense of confidence but actually have that greater sense of confidence in yourself. 

As you can see when it comes to upgrading your style and how you present yourself to the world, it is not just about the right pair of shoes, but it’s about the entire combination, inside and out. Wherever you are going, be it down the road, or on holiday, think about yourself as the complete package, and this can make a massive difference in how you feel.