How to Cheaply Transfer Money Abroad (Bye PayPal)

05 May 2021

For years, over a decade to be exact, I have worked on the internet and most of my payments, have occurred through the horrendously bad PayPal. There have been times where they’ve completely screwed me in the past. They’ve sided with scammers during disputes, charged exorbitant transfer fees, and also always have insanely inflated exchange rates. I’ve always wanted to find a new way to transfer money more cheaply, but couldn’t find an alternative, until now (I realize how much this sounds like an ad but I promise it’s not.)

Now I use a service called Wise (formerly known as Transferwise.) I’ve found that overall, it is just a much better service. The transfer fees tend to be about half of what PayPal charges, and the exchange rates used are the actual exchange rates, instead of the artificially inflated versions. At this stage, I have not yet dealt with them when there is a problem, so I’m not quite sure how their customer service will be, but so far so good.

In conclusion, if you’re sick and tired of being screwed by PayPal, give Wise a try! You can thank me later.

BONUS: If you use this link you won’t have to pay any transfer fee!