Second Date Ideas For The Romantic In You

25 Oct 2019

Even if first dates are wonderful, they are more often than not a meet-and-greet and a sort of…getting to know-each-other session. After your first date, you’ll both know if you want to see one other again based on your body language. After a successful first date, it’s time to start planning an unforgettable second date that will leave your date feeling like a million bucks. Check out these great second date ideas!

Go to a posh venue.

Taking a date somewhere posh and sophisticated is the one of the best approaches to impress them. Why not add to the thrill by asking them to dress up and surprising them with a beautiful setting, such as a rooftop bar with incredible views or a candlelit supper with no one else present? You’ll get a lot of brownie points and have an amazing time with someone you want to learn more about. Who knows, maybe more dates will follow!

Cook for them

There’s something extremely attractive about dating someone who can cook, so why not show off your culinary skills? If they’ve got a sweet tooth, you might consider cooking a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie recipe. Or, if they prefer savoury dishes, you could cook them a gourmet pasta dish that’s sure to impress them right from the get go.

Give them something to do.

When you’re still feeling the pinch of a new relationship, it can be tough to know how to keep your date entertained without appearing to be overly concerned with appearances. This is when the beauty of theatre entertainment comes into play. If you truly want to wow them, attempt to recall one of their favorite things from your first date and base your entertainment on it! If someone indicated they enjoy humor, for example, choose a comedy show to watch, and vice versa for all other genres.

Take a stroll under the moonlight.

Sometimes the greatest approach to get to know someone is to remove all interruptions from the moment. If you live in a gorgeous area, consider packing a lunch, bringing a flask of your favorite drinks, and going for a moonlit walk with them and a picnic blanket. It’s a fantastic approach to be able to speak from the heart while also learning more about the person. Plus, moonlit strolls are incredibly romantic!

Attend a wine tasting.

Alternatively, you might go for a beer tasting…or a whiskey tasting! Why not plan a cocktail tasting evening with your date, whatever their interests are. Wine tasting is an inexpensive way to have a fantastic night with your friends, with the added benefit of a little Dutch courage from the alcohol you’re sampling! If you follow it up with a wonderful meal, you’ll be planning your next few dates with them in no time.

Finally, always remember to be yourself. It’s good to be able to wow your date, but don’t lose sight of who you are; else, you can unintentionally discourage them from considering another date!