Tips for a Balanced Lifestyle

05 Aug 2020

Proven to boost happiness, performance and make you feel great: a healthy lifestyle is the key to success. It’s like juggling: once you’ve got the basics down, you’ll get better and better. 

Diet, rest, and exercise are considered the sacred “pyramid of health” that leads to a balanced lifestyle. Once you have mastered how to pour equal energy into these three main elements, you’ll find your personal power. 

There is much more to life than diet, rest and exercise, however, to maintain your health, they have to stick around. From travelling the world to working hard to get the perfect job and making money: to enjoy life to the fullest you have to mix it up. However, nothing will be successful if you don’t have the energy to put into it. Here’s how to master the fundamentals: 


As the saying goes, you are not your diet. Don’t let it rule you. You can play around with what you eat, but don’t let it govern what you do or take up too much of your time. A healthy and balanced diet of carbs, meats and fruit and vegetables with lots of variety will ensure that you get the nutrients that you need.

Staying away from over-processed foods and sugars will stop your body for feel the effects of fatigue. This isn’t to say that you will never eat cake again, just not every day. 


The most undervalued part of a healthy lifestyle is rest. Your body needs to recharge. Setting a regular sleeping schedule, switching off your cell phone, and organizing time to spend outdoors are all proven ways to relax your mind and body. 

Resting well and taking care of yourself improves your performance and reduces stress levels significantly. This can be difficult when traveling, with flights and time differences affecting your body all the time. By adding an extra day to rest and eat well you can get this energy back, ready to explore the next day. 


Having a routine workout will make you look and feel strong and healthy. 

Exercising regularly eases your mind. When traveling frequently, it can be difficult to maintain, however, a mix of exercises with and without equipment will add variety to your workouts and ensure that you don’t miss a day while on the go – rest days should be included too. 

Physical exercise doesn’t stop at the gym. You can integrate exercise and travel by taking up a sport that you can do anywhere such as surfing, golf or tennis. Getting outdoors and exploring the world while keeping fit is a dream that you can achieve!


Never feel guilty about indulging. A balanced lifestyle includes moderation. If you have been doing intense workouts all week and you want a rest day to make a cake with the best homemade fondant recipe – let yourself eat cake.

Indulgence comes in many forms and adds to your balanced lifestyle triangle. Take a rest day at a 5-star spa, treat yourself to a fine dining meal, or swim in an infinity pool looking over the beach. Life is for living!