Tips For Moving Your Office Space

23 Dec 2019

Office and commercial moves are sometimes needed if you’re lacking space, but can be a lot of hard work. They need a lot of planning and commitment to make them go smoothly. With these removal tips, you can expect a much easier and more efficient move to save yourself a lot of time, money, and stress. 

Get The Timings Right

Work a removal team who have experience in commercial moves, like Allied Van Lines Canada, to determine a moving timeline that works best for you and fits in your moving budget. A good removals team will do everything they can to get you all moved in, set up and ready to get back to work as quickly and efficiently as possible. You don’t want to lose business because of a relocation. Look for good service and someone who can make your officer move easier. 

Pack Your Tech Systematically

Office computers that are mishandled or technology getting misplaces could be a big problem as part of your commercial move. One of the things that you need to priortise is carefully packaging and labeling your technology correctly. This will help to make sure that your business can get back to normal work as soon as you can. 

Make each of your employees responsible for unplugging all the wires that belong to them and place them together on their desks. The technical department should then be responsible for packing everything. This will make sure that all the technical equipment is packed properly and can be easily sorted when you arrive at your new office space. 

Appoint A Move Manager And A Professional Removal Company

Commercial moves have a lot of factors that can go wrong. It’s important to have a move manager to facilities and follow up each step of the whole process to keep things moving. Paired with a commercial removals expert, your move should be smooth. Don’t trust just anyone to move your business. Hire the best you can afford. 

Label During The Packing Process

A top tip for any move, commercial or residential, is to clearly label everything while you’re packing. Labeling all your boxes saves a lot of time, as you will know whose box is whose. Labeling everything also means less stress trying to sort out everything when you arrive at the new office. Save yourself time by labeling all your employee’s things. Itemize the boxes. Write the room or desk number on each box. Put boxes in order of importance and pack in reverse, so the most important things come out of the moving van first. 

Take Time To Plan Your Move

As soon as you know you have secured your new commercial space, start planning the move. Most commercial spaces are large and need a lot of prep work in advance of the move. From booking movers and packing to facilitating downtimes, there is a lot to think about before the day. Plan ahead so your move can be as stress-free as possible.