What Makes Comfort Food So Comfortable?

06 Sep 2019

What are some of the most comforting things you can think of? For many people, it includes a warm cup of tea or
coffee, being wrapped up in a blanket on a cold winter night, curling up with their pet, and of course, food. There is something about eating your favorite foods that just makes everything better. No matter what mood you are in, if you have one of these comfort foods nearby, things will start to look up.

Let The Good Times Roll

Comfort foods are different for everyone, but there is one thing that they have in common. They always bring back memories of good times and provide comfort no matter what circumstances are going on around you. Even if it’s something as simple as your favorite macaroni and cheese recipe, having these types of food readily available can make all the difference when things look bleak. Comfort foods are typically made with ingredients that give people a sense of nostalgia. Because they evoke pleasant memories, comfort foods can become highly symbolic in our lives. They provide us with feelings of security and happiness when we feel alone or vulnerable. As soon as the first fork full of heaven hits your taste buds, you close your eyes and then slowly smile. Doesn’t matter what is happening in your life or what you know will happen in the future. In this current space, you are happy and excited for the next bite.   

Stress? What Stress?

A lot of people don’t realize how essential comfort foods really are until they try to cut them out from their diet. There is a reason why we crave them so much, after all. Because our bodies need this emotional support. This is especially true during stressful or traumatic events such as losing a loved one, moving to a new place, or even job loss. In addition, some of the ingredients in your comfort food favorites can make you feel pleasure because they increase your level of dopamine. Dopamine is a type of neurotransmitter. The best thing about comfort foods is that they are simple to make, easy on the budget, and usually can be adapted into different recipes.

Mama Knows Best 

Comfort foods typically take the form of an easy-to-make meal that is high in carbohydrates and fat. This combination makes it comforting to eat since our mothers would often cook these types of dishes for us when we were children. Comfort food also evokes memories from childhood which are usually happy ones. So chances are that you are making your favorite comfort food the same way your mother or grandmother used to make it. And deviating from the family recipe is seen, in your opinion, as sacrilege.

What Makes Comfort Food So Comfortable? Information

Fullness Equal Happiness

What is it about foods that are comforting? There are many different answers to this question, but experts agree on some of the most popular ones. Comfort food often has a high-fat content that can make you feel full and satisfied after eating. It also usually contains carbohydrates like pasta or potatoes that give you energy when you need it most. Craving that potato goodness? Here’s a corn chowder soup recipe that’s healthy and delicious. Finally, comfort food typically includes ingredients that remind us of home, like macaroni and cheese or apple pie.

Everyone Needs Comfort 

Comfort food can be found around the world. It is often called different things in different countries. Still, the idea behind it remains unchanged: you eat comfort food when you need to feel better. Comfort foods vary by culture and region. For example, some people like to eat spicy Indian or Mexican dishes when they are feeling down. In contrast, others prefer a bowl of pasta or a slice of pizza.

What Makes Comfort Food So Comfortable? Information

What makes a food “comforting”? You may think that it is how they taste or how filling they are, but those things only account for part of it. Comfort foods also make people feel better when they’re feeling down and provide a sense of security. Comfort food is more than just an indulgence. It’s a relationship with the things that make us feel better when we are down or unwell. Not only can comfort foods help to improve your mood, but they also remind you of happy times and feelings of warmth and safety. Perhaps it reminds you of home, maybe not even your childhood home, but a place you have been to or want to return to. This is the basis of comfort food. It’s not just about what we eat, but where and how it makes us feel.