4 Cool Things You Can Do With Your Mates On Vacation

30 Mar 2022

So you have waited nearly two years in total to plan that lad’s vacation. Now you have to answer the question of where to go. You may have already had somewhere booked but it got rescheduled or canceled due to Covid-19 so you are on the hunt for somewhere new. There are plenty of places to go that have a lot to offer in the way of entertainment and activities. Let’s take a look at some of the things you might like to get up to on your vacation. 

Experience The Wilderness 

What better way to experience friendship and having a great time than in the wilderness with a campfire and a few bears. There are specific trips that involve a night under the stars and you can even incorporate other activities into this such as camping or even a wild safari. A wilderness adventure is a great part of any vacation, including a stag do. Make sure if you are organizing this yourself that you think about your safety. Many things can go wrong in the wilderness so it is always better to come prepared with a first aid kit. 

Scuba Dive

If you and your friends are a big fan of the water and all marine life that comes with it why not try your hand at scuba diving. Scuba diving not only gives you lifelong skills to use in the water it also gives you a chance to see your favorite marine life up close and personal in the depths of the sea/ocean. It is much better to use a certified company than try going diving yourself. Dip ‘N Dive is a great company to use and better yet, at the end of it, you get a lovely certificate. 


When you are on vacation with your friends you might be wanting to cool off in the nearest lake. You can do this, but to make it more fun you could look into going canoeing. You can rent canoe boats from your nearest water sports activity center. You can get single or double canoes so whatever you are most comfortable with. It could be a laugh if you get double ones as you have to work as a team to get to your destination. Make sure that you take along your waterproof bag to protect your phones and other paraphernalia. 


Going hiking can give you wonderful amounts of exercise while having fun at the same time. There are so many different hiking routes that you can enjoy, wherever you are on vacation. Take a look before you go to see if there are any fun routes you can take part in. If you are going hiking remember that comfy, practical shoes are a must and you need to remember your water bottles with refills in case you get stuck in a sticky situation. 

We hope you found this article helpful and it gives you some ideas on what you can do to keep yourself entertained on your vacation. Remember, you don’t actually have to plan anything you could just take each day as it comes and do whatever you all feel like doing.