5 Great Ways To Add Adventure To Your Next Trip

02 Sep 2019

If you’re one of those people who likes to get the most out of their vacations and pack adventure and excitement into each moment, then chances are you are always looking for the next thrill to get the adrenaline pumping.

If you are pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and you need some ideas of how you can raise the stakes for your next trip, then this post looks at some great activities to add to your next adventure.

Ask The Locals

Get personalized advice on what to do and see from local experts — people who live there.

To meet adventurers in your area, go to Facebook and look for local organizations dedicated to hiking, climbing, mountain biking, or whatever type of adventure you wish to enjoy.

When you’ve located them, go in and start asking questions. Doing this can get you some Outdoor fun in various environments. People enjoy the opportunity to show off their hometowns, so don’t be shy! If you’re lucky, you’ll be invited along on someone else’s next outdoor trip. 

Local Tours

You may believe that taking a tour is less daring than traveling places independently, but there are many benefits of taking a guided tour. For example, a guide can assist you in discovering hidden gems that only locals are aware of. If you’re looking for extreme experiences, a knowledgeable guide will lead you safely and ensure you have the finest experience possible.

A guide may also supply any technical equipment you require and advise you on what you should bring to be warm, dry, and comfortable throughout the journey.

Get Appy

Nowadays, many different applications can make outdoor travel a little safer and a lot more fun, from trail-finding to mapping to star-gazing.

For example, use Alltrails and Viewranger for locating (and staying on) hiking trails. The 57Hours app to locate fantastic adventure guides in your area, where you can get rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, backcountry skiing trips, and more.

Use offline maps such as Maps.me, which can help you locate your way even if you lose cell coverage. Peakvisor and Spyglass can tell you exactly what mountains and stars you’re looking at, while First Aid by the American Red Cross can literally save your life!

Allow Free Time

Sometimes, the best adventures are the unexpected ones that you didn’t plan. If you really want to explore an area, you need to stay a little longer in one place and allow for some downtime to roam free and explore. Get to know the locals or other travelers who can enlighten you about places you need to explore. 

Be Open To Different Opportunities

Always be ready to dive into something new and different. Closing yourself off can really limit your experiences and restrict your ability to discover new things.

Always be open to different things and push your boundaries, so you are out of your comfort zone. After all, how do you know you won’t enjoy it until you try it!