Expert Guide: How to Get Free Flights + Bonus

12 Apr 2018

People are often curious about How I Finance My 24/7 World Travel (read it if you haven’t.) What may surprise you, is that my strategy for obtaining a high-standard of living, filled with adventure, doesn’t actually require lots of money, just a bit of planning. When it comes to getting from point a to point b, I’ve perfected a strategy which has allowed me to save thousands of dollars on flights each year, for the past 7 years.

Have you guessed my method? Yes, it’s credit card miles, you’re so smart! Over the years, I’ve tried practically all of the travel credit cards, tending to focus on the ones with high sign-up bonuses.

Since I don’t spend a lot of money in my daily life, I have to really strategize in order to receive these sign-up bonuses. Typically, you’ll have to spend at least $500 to $5,000, within three months of opening the credit card to receive a bonus. Every year, I sign up for 2-3 credit cards to cover nearly all of my flights around the world.

Top Travel Rewards Credit Cards

Expert Guide: How to Get Free Flights + Bonus Blog Lifestyle

I get absolutely no money from credit card companies (unfortunately), but these are some of my favorites I’ve used over the years. These are not in order, but out of the 4 below, the Venture card is easily the best.

  1. Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card
  2. United MileagePlus® Explorer Card
  3. Bank of America® Travel Rewards Credit Card

Credit card bonuses that I’ve received typically have a value between $150-$500. Once I receive the bonuses, I will utilize them fairly quickly to avoid paying the fee that arrives at the end of the year. Then, when it’s time for paying the fee, I will call the company and ask that it be removed. If the credit card company will not remove the fee, then I will simply cancel the card.

BONUS: Credit Card Churning

Some may not be aware that you can actually receive credit card sign-up bonuses over and over again, through the process of credit card churning. Typically, you will have to close the account then wait a set period of time, which can be a few days to a couple years, before signing up all over again. I’ve done this successfully several times, which has given me a steady stream of free flights!


Expert Guide: How to Get Free Flights + Bonus Blog Lifestyle

As long as you strategize making larger purchases right after you open your new credit card account, you should have no problem getting the bonuses to get your free flights! You will of course have to have a good to excellent credit score, but that shouldn’t be too hard if you pay your bills on time. Pay in full each month and you will never get into trouble. What I love about this, is that anyone can do it! Whether you’re traveling full-time like me, or just want a way to save money on your next getaway, credit-card sign-up bonuses are a great way to do it!

Bon voyage!

Photography by Neo Lo.