The Best Food and Drinks To Go for While Visiting Dubai

08 Sep 2019

Going on vacations or work travels cannot be complete without testing different foods! Dubai has one of the known restaurants famous to visitors and tourists. However, what food or drink should you order while visiting a restaurant in Dubai?

Many people go for foods they are familiar with eating in a new restaurant. In cases where you visit Dubai and needs an idea of what to choose from the menu, the following tips could come in handy:

Cornbread Muffins

Muffins may come in handy if you need a tasty and quick breakfast before touring the rest of the Dubai areas. Restaurants make these muffins in different designs and using varying recipes. It would be best to go with your intuition on this one!

When you spot a muffin that appears wholesome, low carb keto cornbread recipe may be the reason. Therefore, it would be healthier to choose such muffins with tea or a particular drink that you desire.


Different restaurants are known for making tasty and soft steak in Dubai. You could consider getting a steak meal from the Prime68 restaurant if you love eating while enjoying an incredible view.

Steaks can be a healthier food option when accompanied with vegetables or other food materials to balance your nutrient intake.

Street Foods

Dubai has a street food market where you can get any food you prefer to eat at any time. Most people love taking walks along these streets and picking up delicious street foods as a way of understanding culture. Some of the common street foods sold here are fries and burgers.

Some street foods get sold in outdoor restaurants or vans. The food trucks in Dubai offer diversified food options, so you do not need to worry about finding strange foods or drinks!

Spiced Rice

If you love spices in your rice, do not hesitate to order this meal in any restaurant! It also has meat topping of either chicken or lamb. This food usually has a unique aroma because of different spices such as saffron and cardamom.


Kebab is one of the popular food choices tourists go for while in Dubai because it is easy to carry along as you travel. It can also go with any preferred drink, so why not? Choosing kebab would be a standard food option found in different countries.

Camel Meat

Most restaurants in Dubai incorporate this food option in lunch and dinner menus. The meat makes different meat-based snacks and foods like burgers, stew, and biryani.


You will find different types and tastes of cocktails in restaurants! It would be best to go for the commonly known ones like the Turkish cocktails. These cocktails have Turkish flavors because the added ingredients include pomegranate, hibiscus, rose, mint, and honey. Some are spiced while others are not.

Arabic Dates and Coffee

Different restaurants offer coffee as a complementary gesture. Who wouldn’t love a complimentary relaxing drink? The one with dates on top is one drink you should not miss trying!


These are some famous snacks that contain vegetables, spices, or meat. These snacks would go well with coffee or evening tea to relax after a long day of touring different places. The commonly known samosa contains different cheese layers.


Food and drinks should be everyone’s highlight when touring any place. Different restaurants in Dubai will offer you the chance to try cultural foods that might catch on to your taste.