What Should You Plan To Do On A Luxury Vacation?

08 Sep 2022

Luxury vacations are something we all dream, but few people get around to managing. But this is the sign you’re looking for to tell you it’s your year! It’s time to plan a luxury vacation for yourself, even if you’ve only got a budget for 3 days. 

But what does one do on a luxury vacation? If you’ve never splashed the cash a little and lived it large for a couple weeks, what are you supposed to do that’s different? Thankfully we’re experts here; here are some ideas that’ll make your luxury vacation planning much easier (and more fun!). 

Splash Out on the Accommodation

The accommodation is possibly the most important part of luxury vacation planning. After all, where you’re staying is going to make or break your time away; lounging in a four-poster bed with your partner is an amazing way to relax! So feel free to use up the majority of your budget here. If you’ve got a high end hotel to head back to, whether it’s a big resort or an independent location, you won’t mind quite so much what else you get up to. 

Hit the Golf Course

Golf can be a pretty luxurious sport when you’ve bought a day pass to a resort and have their high quality green to play off! So why not invest in a himal golf travel bag before you get on the plane? Take your own clubs and you can revel in all the delights of a professional golf course without needing to pay big money to access it. Stay in a smaller, more boutique hotel nearby and simply hop over for a couple of hours. 

Dine Well at Least Twice

If you live anywhere near a capital city, you’ve probably been longing to visit a luxurious restaurant for a while now. And when you’re off on a vacation that has a taste of luxury, it’s a good idea to book a table in a high end, high star restaurant for a couple nights. Two nights won’t cost you the bank! For example, dining well when you arrive and just before you leave is a great way to book-end your trip away, and it’ll certainly help you to make some high life memories you’ve always wanted to have. 

Book a Place in a Spa

Finally, try to fit in some time at a spa whilst you’re away. A spa day is a good way to pamper yourself, especially if you’ve had a rough year, and spas are usually on the lower end of the high price scale. You can get as many massages and mud baths as you like, and capture a selfie of yourself in a luxurious dressing gown to remind you of this amazing self care session. You’ll be feeling refreshed for weeks to come once you leave for homea again! 

Planning a luxury vacation should be a privilege, so make sure you’ve got plenty of ideas in the bag over what to do!