3 Benefits of Exploring International Cuisine

07 Jan 2019

There are all sorts of amazing benefits to travel, ranging from a deeper appreciation of the various peoples and cultures of the world, to a heightened sense of adventure and zest for everyday life.

People travel for many different reasons, and do many different things on their travels.

Travel can, for example, serve as a perfect opportunity to take up new hobbies and activities that you’ve been interested in for a while. Or, travel can be a perfect opportunity to explore the history of a region, or to practice your skills in a foreign language.

Of course, one of the main things that many people look forward to when travelling is trying out the cuisine in the locations they are visiting.

Here are just a few of the benefits of exploring international cuisine – whether by eating it in its country of origin, or from the comfort of your own home.

A deeper and richer understanding and appreciation of different cultures

Food is intimately connected to culture, and many foodstuffs and cuisines have rich and fascinating histories associated with them – which connect deeply to the history and culture of the land and people they sprang from.

Forbidden rice aka black rice, for example, gets its name because of the fact that during a period in Chinese history, it was reserved only for the Emperor – and so came with a heightened sense of status, and various cultural associations.

Other foodstuffs originated in regions during times of hardship and so relied on the resourcefulness of the local chefs. Other dishes were created to help commemorate certain significant occasions.

For anyone seeking to broaden their cultural horizons, broadening culinary horizons can be a great step to take.

Potentially a richer gut microbiome and a more varied diet

In recent times, researchers have been discovering more and more about the immense benefits of having a healthy and robust gut Microbiome – in other words, the assorted bacteria that live within the gut and have all sorts of remarkable effects on overall health and well-being.

In fact, it’s been found that many diseases appear to have their origin in an imbalanced gut Microbiome, and that a healthy gut Microbiome produces feel-good neurotransmitters, while also helping to safeguard the health of the brain.

Current research seems to show that the best way to get a healthy gut Microbiome is to eat a diet heavy in unprocessed plant foods, and to get the broadest variety of those foods possible.

While it’s certainly not the case that all forms of international cuisine will help in this regard, broadening your diet, as a general rule, can certainly have the potential to encourage a healthier gut Microbiome than if you had just kept eating your usual staple meals.

A more exciting kitchen and a more dynamic relationship to your food

Ultimately, eating is one of the most significant things that any of us do for ourselves – because it fuels life, energy, and health.

So, why should cooking be boring?

Adding more international cuisine to your cookbook can make cooking much more of a joy, both for you and also for anyone you might whip up a meal for.