Masque Restaurant; Best Fine Dining in Mumbai

07 Jan 2019

Indian cuisines are well-known worldwide for their hot, spicy curries involving excessive chilies and aromatic spices. However, Mumbai restaurants do not disappoint at offering fine dining, and a notable example is the Masque restaurant.

Located in Mumbai’s former Industrial Mill Area, Masque restaurant offers a ten-course chef’s tasting menu, the first of its kind in India, incorporating tradition and creativity. The dishes change with seasons with ingredients sourced from the restaurant farms, foraging trips, and a partnership with the local farmers.

The restaurant offers exemplary restaurant services, from modern Indian cuisines to elegantly decorated interiors and professional staff who promptly attend to customers’ needs. The restaurant is well known for its flavorful entrees, customizable, romantic dining, perfect dates, tasting menu, and sophisticated nature.


The meals offered at Masque result from the restaurant’s ongoing quest to provide the local ingredients with a platform to obtain the best flavor from the richness of Indian produce. The establishment has a commitment that has been backed with the inclusion of the new Masque Lab. The lab serves as the restaurant’s R&D and test kitchen and was opened in 2020.

Masque restaurant serves the best modern Indian cuisines with professional chefs who oversee the entire food preparation process from the farm to your table. The customers get to choose their preferred meal from the 10-course menu.

One popular meal served in the restaurant is the MFC Burger that contains rich Indian sauces mixed in between the buns. The restaurant also serves the famous Indian Kashmiri cuisines in Asian foods.

You would like to try Kashmiri Chef Sadhu’s authentic recipes, which are famous. Likewise, you are likely to enjoy Kashmiri bread, chutneys, and also kahwa. The meals come in a three-course menu. Based on customer reviews, many prefer the pepper-fried Prawn.

Masque restaurant offers a diverse range of dishes while considering customers with special medical conditions requiring nutritious meals. Consequently, It offers special diets such as vegetarian-friendly, vegan, and gluten-free options.

If you are vegan, consider trying out the famous vegan pancake, eggless indian paan cake as part of your dessert.

Special Features

Some of the special features offered in the restaurant include; gift cards, reservations, parking services, valet parking, wheelchair accessibility, alcoholic beverages, and a full bar. Other provisions are American Express Mastercards acceptance, Visa acceptance, free wife, credit card acceptance, table services, and private dining.

If you are planning a tour to India, the restaurant is a superb destination that you can consider.

Ratings and Reviews

Masque restaurant has an impressive 4.5 rating, making it among the best restaurants in Mumbai. The Bombay canteen also voted it as India’s best restaurant.


At Masque, modern Indian cuisine isn’t about recreating regional dishes and serving them differently. Instead, it necessitates a deliberate reexamination of old recipes and ingredients to develop new ways of bridging cultures.

As a result, a new wave of modern Indian cuisine is being re-imagined. The restaurant combines traditional Indian flavors and techniques with cutting-edge innovation.

If you want to experience fine dining in an elegant and serene restaurant in Mumbai, this is the destination. It would help if you tried out Masque restaurant for the best services.