Why Healthy Food Never Has To Be Boring

09 Jan 2019

As we learn more about food and share our ideals online, most of us are coming to the understanding that some of the commonly held conceptions about food are shifting. For instance, think of how dry-aging meat goes against every pre-conception we have about keeping meat fresh for the best experience. With a proper dry-aging process that removes the moisture from such meat, it can be both safe with the flavors intensified.

As you an see, then, the most common ideals we take for granted are not always thoroughly bulletproof. For this reason, it’s good to think back on other misconceptions we may have e experienced from time to time. Namely, that healthy food has to be boring. This seems to be the feeling deep in our gut when we know we need to diet, and it might limit you from being experimental and trying new cultures.

In this post, though, we’ll show why healthy food never has to be boring. Perhaps this could motivate you to sample new treats and enjoy foods as never before:

There’s Always A Healthy Indulgence

We can often make the mistake of thinking that healthy food can never be indulgent, that we either eat salads or something with a high-density caloric or carbohydrate profile. That’s not true. For instance, consider air fryer okra, a fantastic means of frying such a delectable treat without having to use fryer oil or thicker root vegetables that are less healthy. This can serve as a fantastic companion piece to a dish or a snack all in itself, without the health effects associated with other options. With so many exciting alternative options, it’s all just a matter of creativity.

Learning A New Cuisine Is Inspiring

‘Healthy food’ is not just ‘healthy food.’ Ingredients can be healthy yes, but they’re never disconnected from the wider cultural relevance of different cuisines. From Japanese takes on fish preparation and presentation, using the freshest cuts for the most premium seafood experience, to the thorough wholesome pusles and spices used in Indian cuisine, to Mediterranean foods preservations, cheeses, salads and more, learning a new cuisine can help you put ‘healthy food’ into its proper category without thinking that you’re missing out on everything else by trying to eat well. This can also inspire you to take more risks in the kitchen, and learn techniques you’ve avoided until now.

Empowering Yourself With New Recipes

Just like indulgent food, healthy food can be enjoyed via experimentation. Using pulses to thicken out a gorgeous curry, playing with spices, learning how to fillet fish, using different cooking implements to finish poultry, or purchasing exotic meat from a dealer can help you truly stay adventurous with your tongue. This ‘risk-taking- can also extend to when you go out to eat, trying new recipes from cuisines you’re not familiar with and using that to inspire your own cooking going forward. It all makes a tremendous difference regarding your palette and how diversified it is. Over time, indulgent and junk food will be the boring option.

With this advice, you’re certain to enjoy healthy food in the best possible way – as a lifestyle choice rather than a chore.