5 Reasons to Wear a Suit

09 Jun 2016

If you have spent anytime reading my blog or checking my social media, you’ll see that I often wear suits. It actually wasn’t until two years ago, while living in Bangkok, that I started wearing suits. Back then, I got a couple tailored suits and some shirts made on a whim. This new style completely changed my life!

In all social situations I began being treated better. People would address me as “sir” or “Mr. Blake” regularly. These improvements helped give me greater confidence and led to many wonderful new opportunities I otherwise wouldn’t have had.

After seeing the improvements, I urge you to read through my reasoning, give it a shot and watch your life change for the better. Women, I didn’t forget about you! This also applies to women who dress with class. With that being said, I give to you, 5 Reasons to Wear a Suit.

1. Preferential Treatment

5 Reasons to Wear a Suit Blog Lifestyle

In all situations, especially relating to travel and hospitality, I quickly noticed that I was often treated much better. Get ready to be called sir or madam frequently! People tend to assume positive things about you and when you need something, are more likely to give you what you want. If it is a nicer surrounding, others will automatically assume that you belong. You will be hassled less and your life will be smoother in result. You’re welcome!

2. Confidence Boost

5 Reasons to Wear a Suit Blog Lifestyle

As the saying goes “when you look good, you feel good.” This is absolutely the truth. When you dress nicely and you’re wearing something that fits perfectly, you feel magnificent. This new-found confidence will spill over in all aspects of your life. You’ll feel more comfortable in social situations and it will allow you to achieve your goals more easily because you’ll believe in yourself more.

3. Gain and Show Respect

5 Reasons to Wear a Suit Blog Lifestyle

Dressing nicely shows that you respect the people around you and the situation that you’re in. If you show up to a business meeting and you look like a slob, do you really think that this will be working to your advantage? When someone dresses well for a meeting, it shows that they take the situation seriously and in-turn get more respect.

4. It’s Not Expensive

5 Reasons to Wear a Suit Blog Lifestyle

Contrary to popular belief, dressing nicely does not have to cost a lot of money. I have all of my clothes tailor-made in Bangkok, Thailand and when it’s all said and done, my entire outfit never costs more than $300 including my footwear. You may be thinking “$300 isn’t cheap” but when you consider the fact that you keep a suit for at least a year, it all really evens out or can actually be cheaper than designer clothes.

5. Speeds up Preparation Time

5 Reasons to Wear a Suit Blog Lifestyle

Last but not least comes to getting ready. Every day I know exactly what I’m going to wear and this greatly simplifies my morning. When you have a lot to accomplish in a day, this really saves a lot of time and thought so you can focus on tasks that are of more importance.


5 Reasons to Wear a Suit Blog Lifestyle

We don’t want to believe it, but in fact, people are very superficial. Why limit your opportunities by not looking your best? It’s always better to be overdressed than under-dressed. For myself and many others, the change to wearing a suit regularly has paid itself off in many ways and I would highly recommend that you do the same! Put on that suit and get ready to collect the loot. Wink.

Photos by Iker Iglesias.