Top 4 Ramen Restaurants in Bangkok Thailand

05 Oct 2014

A lot of people might have trouble with this top ramen joints in Bangkok list but I tell you what, I’m the professional so you better listen to me! A lot of you will be asking why didn’t you include this restaurant or that restaurant and you know what I tried all of them and none of them could match the flavor and value of these.


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Without further ado, I give to you:

The best ramen in Bangkok!

1. Misoya Ramen (Thonglor Soi 13)

Top 4 Ramen Restaurants in Bangkok Thailand Asia Bangkok Blog Food Thailand

Coming in superstrong at number one is Misoya Ramen in Thonglor. I’ve already reviewed them on a separate occasion and you can find it here. However, to summarize they come through with all aspects of good food and good service that Pierre loves (pro tip side note: every 18th of the month is half off Ramen at Misoya so don’t diddle-daddle.) Where others failed to deliver, Misoya brings the dankness (that means it’s amazing.) The meat is slow-cooked to perfection, perfect noodles flavored magnificently and a soup that will knock your socks off that doesn’t even need any additions. If you don’t like it, I strongly question your judgment in life.


Misoya Ramen Restaurant

Japanese Ramen Restaurant

Sukhumvit 55 (Thonglor 13) Klongtan-North Wattana Bangkok, Thailand 10110

Phone: +66-89-053-7474


2. Fujiyama Go Go (Sukhumvit 39)

Top 4 Ramen Restaurants in Bangkok Thailand Asia Bangkok Blog Food Thailand

Fujiyama Go Go is a completely different beast altogether than Misoya. They have a few different choices of Tsuke-Men ramen which is when the noodles are separated from the broth which I have come to fantasize about. The broth is typically much thicker and actually has to be warmed up to your liking. They provide a hot plate on the table just for this use. This type of ramen is more for when it’s hot outside and steamy bowl of Ramen is less appealing. Fujiyama Go Go and Misoya are so different it’s kind of hard to compare them. Therefore, at the end of the day it simple comes down to personal preference. For quality and taste I think they’re basically tied on how orgasmic they are. You be the judge.


Fujiyama Go Go Restaurant

Japanese Ramen Restaurant

28,28/1 Sukhumvit 39 (at 39 Complex) Vadhana, Bangkok 10110 Thailand

Phone: +66 2 662 6822


3. Tomato Noodle (Gateway Mall at BTS Ekamai)

Top 4 Ramen Restaurants in Bangkok Thailand Asia Bangkok Blog Food Thailand

For a long time, I saw Tomato Noodle and it sounded so strange that I put off trying it for almost a year. However, after exploring Gateway a few weeks ago I decided to finally give it a shot and I was not let down. The best way I can describe it is the broth is similar to a tomato bisque. Then the typical ramen ingredients are inserted into this and it creates heartwarming meal that is so delicious it will leave you feeling fuzzy all over. They put a bit of corn in too which is something I wasn’t used to but now I say, bring on the corn! If you want to enjoy life you must give it a shot.


Tomato Noodle Restaurant

Japanese Ramen Restaurant

Gateway Ekamai (M Fl.), Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110, Thailand


4. Hachiban (Siam Center)

Top 4 Ramen Restaurants in Bangkok Thailand Asia Bangkok Blog Food Thailand

Oh Hachiban, how cheap you are. Hachiban I’ll be honest, you didn’t make this list because you’re the best tasting ramen in the world. You made the list because you’re damn cheap. You’re a full meal for under 100 baht ($3.) I have to say the broth is actually quite acceptable even for Pierre standards. The noodles are more of a Thai style taste which I don’t prefer as much as the Japanese style but tasty nonetheless. They have locations all over Bangkok and I would much rather eat at Hachiban for a nice cheap/tasty meal then pay upwards of 300 baht for a mediocre bowl at some of the small and expensive ramen shops that didn’t make the list.


Hachiban Ramen (ฮะจิบัง ราเมน) Restaurant

Japanese Ramen Restaurant

Siam Center (4th Fl., #358-359), Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Phone: +66 2 658 1073


There you have it, Bangkok’s best ramen list! Now suit up, step out and attack the ramen!


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