World’s Best Restaurants

I spend my entire life searching for the absolute best restaurants globally. I’ve reviewed hundreds of restaurants and have ranked all of them based on flavor, service, and atmosphere. There are a lot of good restaurants out there, but there are a lot less great restaurants! Below you will find my absolute favorites.

Obviously, this is not an all-encompassing list of the world’s best restaurants because I simply have not visited everywhere, yet.

    1. Fujiya 1935 (Osaka, Japan)

    2. Peach Blossoms (Singapore)

    3. Yakiniku Samurai (Tokyo, Japan)

    4. Le Normandie (Bangkok, Thailand)

    5. Touzan (Kyoto, Japan)

    6. Wajo (Osaka, Japan)

    7. Panorama (Lisbon, Portugal)

    8. Hadjidraganov’s Houses (Sofia, Bulgaria)

    9. Shang Palace (Hong Kong, China)

    10. Mipon (Taipei, Taiwan)

    11. Au Pied de Cochon (Mexico City, Mexico)

    12. Madame Fan (Singapore)

    13. Pierre (Osaka, Japan)

    14. Smrekarjev Hram (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

    15. KiSara (Bangkok, Thailand)

    16. La Rotonde (Nice, France)

    17. Tudor Hall (Athens, Greece)

    18. Man Ho (Guangzhou, China)

    19. La Vie (Bangkok, Thailand)

    20. Yu (Beijing, China)